Trail Running Photography – Buck Mountain Mudslinger

The Buck Mountain Mudslinger has been one of the best locations for trail running photography. Runners dress up in Cowboy themed outfits and the weather always seems to be great for photos. The race usually takes place sometime in February or March. That means the weather is usually muddy or snowy or a mix between the two. This year was muddy and in the temperature was in the upper 40s, although it seemed colder. The Run Wild Adventures group always likes to have a good time and this event is no different, at sign up they had shots of Fireball Whiskey for those 21 and over to warmed up for the race. It was finished off pretty quickly. There was also coffee and water for those looking for other forms of hydration.

My trail photographer Chris chose an awesome spot this year. It was just around a bend in the trail, this allows him to take a photo of just one runner and not have other runners get in the way. The location Chris picked had the morning mist filling in the mossy woods behind the runner. He also some fill light via a flash bungeed to a tree.  One of the biggest things about trail running photography for an event is you always have to adapt for the sun and cloud cover.  That’s just what happened, the sun came out in full force, just like it did at Shellburg Falls back in December, and it burnt off all the nice morning fog that created the nice, even light. It was replaced with hard shadows and dappled light, not the best for photography.  Thankfully, the fill flash lit in the runners and the sun was behind the runner for great rim light. This allowed Chris to get some great shots.

The finish line photos I shot landscape orientation as I like to mix it up so not all the finish line shots are shot portrait.  I had more glare on the timing clock than I would like but I couldn’t use my circular polarizer as I use a step up ring to 77mm and then the lens hood wouldn’t fit. The awards started before the all the runners came in as I always try to get the last runners in got a few more runners before I switched over to the awards ceremony where it was just prizes at this point. Everyone was gathered around Gary enjoying the now sunny and warm weather while enjoying their beer from event sponsor, Seven Brides Brewing out of Silverton, Oregon.


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