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2014 = New and Better Blogging

Time has come again to change things up. I started out years ago with Squarespace and the used Smugmug to host my client image ordering. In the summer of 2013 Smugmug made huge improvements to the looks of their website platform and that left me using Squarespace only for the blog. I felt that I could get a Blogger blog to work well on the new Smugmug website. However after months of frustrations, I threw in the towel of trying to use RSS to integrate a blog onto my Smugmug website and now on a the most popular blogging platform, WordPress. Please bear with me while I move my blog post over and dial in my new blog.


10-05-2012 Mt Saint Helens

I am currently wrapping up my general studies classes to get my Associates. One of my last classes I am enrolled into is a Geology of the Pacific Northwest. There is a scheduled field trip which the class takes a trip up to Mt. Saint Helens. However, on the day of the field trip, I was volunteering to help out Kevin Kubota at his Family Photos in the Park Day event. So the girlfriend and I, made our own field trip up to observe the destruction of the eruption that happened in 1980.