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Blog post about photography of local bands and musicians.

Aaron “ThatKidCry” Nash

On New Years day I met up with my favorite local hip hop artist, Aaron “ThatKidCry” Nash. I remember when I first met Aaron, I think it was his first show he had ever performed at. I was photographing the event and his mother or aunt came up to me and told me to take his photo because he was really good. I ended up snapping this shot. Since that day, I’ve photographed him at multiple shows, The Peace Love and Hip Hop show at Duffy’s and at his CD Release Show with Sapient and LuckOne down at Sub-Zero in Corvallis. Here are a few of the portraits I took of him in downtown Salem.

ThatKidCry, Hip Hop Artist from Albany, Oregon
ThatKidCry, Hip Hop Artist from Albany, Oregon

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Rays of Disillusion @ Blacklight Bar – Salem, OR

Ozric, a local and talented guitarist contacted me two weeks before a show wondering if I’d take some pictures of his Salem band, Rays of Disillusion. I was feeling pretty good coming off what I thought were some great shots from a Hip-Hop show in early September, so I agreed. When he informed me the show was at Blacklight Bar, my heart sank a little. The bar has been putting on a lot of shows with some really talented people, but it’s not the nicest place to take photos. It is extremely dark and when you have rockers or in this case, metal heads, moving around playing music it makes up for some dark and out of focus photos. As well as very little stage lighting.

Thankfully, I was prepared for this and realized what I needed to do to get the shots. I added some lights behind the band to get that blue color feel that black lights give off and I thought they turned out great, but I will let you be the judge of that.


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